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Canberra - Sydney Sydney - Canberra Canberra - Wollongong
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Bookings are essential for Sydney International Airport pick-up and drop-offs as Murrays will only stop where passengers are booked on the service. Murrays Express Services operate subject to passenger demand and availability. Travel duration times are subject to change due to traffic and weather conditions.

Sydney to Canberra Timetable

(Show on Google Maps)
486 Pitt Street, Central Station.
DepartSydney International Airport
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Arrivals (Meet at Bay 9 in Coach Bay Area),
International Terminal (T1), Sydney International Airport
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65 Northbourne Avenue, Jolimont Centre.

Sydney Airport
05:00 am05:25 am08:30 amDaily
07:00 am07:25 am10:30 amDaily
08:00 am08:25 am11:30 amDaily
09:00 am09:25 am12:30 pmDaily
10:00 am10:25 am01:30 pmDaily
11:00 am11:25 am02:30 pmDaily
12:00 pm12:25 pm03:30 pmDaily
01:00 pm01:25 pm04:30 pmDaily
02:00 pm02:25 pm05:30 pmDaily
03:00 pm03:25 pm06:30 pmDaily
04:00 pm04:25 pm07:30 pmDaily
05:00 pm05:25 pm08:30 pmDaily
06:00 pm06:25 pm09:30 pmDaily
07:00 pm07:25 pm10:30 pmDaily
08:00 pm08:25 pm11:30 pmFriday to Monday
09:00 pm09:25 pm00:30 amSunday Only
10:00 pm10:25 pm01:30 amDaily


Canberra to Sydney Timetable

DepartCanberra (Show on Google Maps)65 Northbourne Avenue, Jolimont Centre.
ArriveSydney International Airport *Level 2 Airport Departures, International Terminal (T1),
Sydney International Airport
ArriveSydney (Show on Google Maps)486 Pitt Street, Central Station.

Sydney Airport
04:00 am07:15 am07:30 amDaily
05:00 am08:15 am08:30 amDaily
06:00 am09:15 am09:30 amDaily
07:00 am10:15 am10:30 amDaily
08:00 am11:15 am11:30 amDaily
09:00 am12:15 pm12:30 pmDaily
10:00 am01:15 pm01:30 pmDaily
11:00 am02:15 pm02:30 pmDaily
12:00 pm03:15 pm03:30 pmDaily
01:00 pm04:15 pm04:30 pmDaily
02:00 pm05:15 pm05:30 pmDaily
03:00 pm06:15 pm06:30 pmDaily
04:00 pm07:15 pm07:30 pmDaily
05:00 pm08:15 pm08:30 pmDaily
06:00 pm09:15 pm09:30 pmDaily
07:00 pm10:15 pm10:30 pmThursday, Friday, Sunday