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Logistics Transport Management

National Operations Network

National Opeartion NetworkLogistics is the national operations network providing logistical and operational management for all ground transport movements booked through Murrays Coaches, Buses & Limousines.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and have operations centres located in major cities to provide local expertise and operational support for all states and territories. More than 43 years of experience backed by state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled personnel, puts Murrays at the forefront of coach, bus and limousine transport management.

Sophisticated technology, including GPS satellite tracking complements direct access to a range of critical, real-time information. This includes airport terminal and flight information, weather conditions and live video monitoring from road and traffic authorities, throughout Australia.


  • A national network of control centres operating 24 hrs, 7 days a week.
  • Real-time connection to airport information and road and traffic authorities cameras throughout Australia.
  • Maintain vehicle database of all vehicles with details such as age, colour, and condition of over 2000 vehicles throughout Australia.
  • Maintain database of all drivers rostered throughout Australia.
  • Maintain database of all pick up sites.
  • Sophisticated technology including GPS, Voice, GPRS, SMS & broadcast systems.


Murrays Logistics carefully monitors and manages all movements booked by our sales consultants with finely tuned systems and procedures to enable them to have total quality control over all transport movements.

Advanced Planning

When an enquiry is received, specialist logistics operators examine all the requirements and determine the most effective means of carrying out the movement.

Rostering and Scheduling

Once the booking is received logistics staff schedule and roster the most suitable vehicle and driver to each movement.

The day before departure

Logistic staff check all movements and details the day before departure and check vehicles and drivers.

The day of departure

Logistic staff check that the rostered driver has:

  • Commenced work on time.
  • Understood the details of his jobs.
  • The correct paperwork & signs.
  • Checked and is driving the rostered vehicle.

30 minutes before departure

Logistics staff check that the driver is on route to pick up and is on time for the scheduled departure.

10 minutes before departure

Logistics staff check and confirm with the driver that the vehicle is in position and has made contact with the group.

After departure & Duration of Job

Once the group have boarded the vehicle logistics staff track the vehicle and stay in contact with the driver for the duration of the job. Logistics staff also assist the driver with any emergency, traffic problems or customer requests for amendments.

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