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Murrays Environment Policy

Environment Policy

Murrays recognises the importance of addressing climate change and are considering a range of effective policy responses to ensure flexible ways of achieving greenhouse gas abatement in the transition to a carbon constrained future.

We are exploring a range of strategies for further improvement of our environmental performance as a whole and therefore a reduction of our carbon and environmental footprint.

A carbon reduction programme will form an important part of our overall Environmental Management Systems (EMS), Policies and Procedures. We believe it to be in the interests of all our stakeholders that we work toward the reduction of our carbon footprint in the coming months. Sustainability is one of Murrays core values to which the entire organisation is committed and we recognise this to be one of the growing needs of the community and in particular our customers. We are currently working with partners to develop a Carbon emissions offset strategy that will enable our clients to offset the carbon emissions generated by their individual transport requirement.

We have commenced the process of achieving the ISO 14001 EMS standard. We see this as a systematic method of improving our all round environmental performance. This status will enable us to demonstrate to our customers the market advantages of using a carrier holding an internationally recognised and certified EMS. Just some of our current practises include:

  • Murrays will make significant investment in Euro 4 and 5 standards technology in the near future.

  • Our national reservation and logistics systems are designed to be paperless. Operating from a computerised system all records are retained in an electronic format. All reporting and audit trails have been manipulated into on-screen displays. Resulting in a real-time environment.

  • In the area of water conservation we have already installed large rainwater tanks in all locations and this, together with water recycling systems and the introduction of high pressure gurneys, have reduced water usage in bus washes to almost nil.

  • An ongoing depot improvement program has been in place for sometime and includes the reduction of risk in fuel storage with the safe removal of old tanks, conservation of energy and reduction of waste outputs from the workshop area in part through the re-cycling of waste oil, batteries, tyres, air-conditioning and other vehicle parts. Coach wash, toilet chemicals and an increasing proportion of other chemicals used in the cleaning and maintenance of coaches are environmentally friendly and in all compliant with local, sewer and stormwater regulations. Washing of vehicles only takes place within bunded areas with all discharge to sewer regularly tested.

  • Our Environmental Management System is an on-going commitment. Murrays do take the position of corporate environmental responsibility seriously and see this as a part of the way we will do business into the future.

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