A Greener Future

Murrays have always been Green

We care about real climate change action. In recent years, we’ve done a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, on both the road and in our booking/charter offices. We aim to continue going even ‘greener’ wherever we can.

The importance of addressing climate change has become clear. Sustainability is one of Murrays core values and is integral to our business strategy. We recognise this as one of the most significant needs of the community and, in particular, our customers.

The Greener way to travel

Our Green Buses

Our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green! We operate with Australia’s largest modern fleet, using new coaches that are created with sustainability in mind, using the latest emissions-reducing components. Even our older coaches have been upgraded to increase engine efficiency and fuel economy.

Modern Fleet

Murrays operates Australia’s largest modern fleet. In recent times Murrays have purchased 70 new coaches, this is a significant investment in new technology and incorporating lower emission engines and sustainable engineering is a priority.

Depot Improvement

Our depots have undergone significant improvement, including a reduction of risk in fuel storage with the safe removal of old tanks, conservation or energy and reduction of waste outputs from the workshop area. We have done this through recycling waste oil, batteries, tyres, air-conditioning and other vehicle parts.

In the area of water conservation we have installed large rainwater tanks in all locations together with recycling systems. We have also invested in both an automatic wash bay unit at our busiest location - Sydney, and portable bus washing systems in other locations to increase efficiencies. This effort has reduced water usage to almost nil.

Responsible Disposal

Coach wash, toilet chemicals and numerous other chemicals are used in the cleaning and maintenance of coaches. We use environmentally friendly products that are all compliant with local, sewer and stormwater regulations. In addition to this, washing of vehicles takes places with bunded areas with all discharge to the sewers regularly tested


Our Eco-Friendly Offices

Saving Electricity

We have made some small adjustments over the years to our office environment and equipment. We have upgraded all equipment to modern, energy saving models, using up to 90% less energy. In addition to this, all staff are reminded to turn off electronics at the end of the day. Doing this saves energy in the office, and is a small way to reduce our contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

Recycling our electronics

Whenever electronic equipment is updated, it is delivered to an electronics recycling company or distributed to our employees, reducing waste and harmful electronics in landfill.

Systematic light system

To conserve electricity, our office policy is to monitor areas of the office where excessive lighting is used. Many of our offices are fitted with section light systems, ensuring overuse does not occur.