Frequent Traveller Pass

Commute smarter and save with the Murrays Frequent Traveller Pass.

If you're a regular traveller, the Murrays Frequent Traveller Pass allows you to purchase your trips in bulk, saving you time and money. Available for purchase for travel on our Canberra & Sydney or Brisbane & Toowoomba services.


Canberra ↔ Sydney Express Frequent Traveller Pass

Frequent Traveller Pass  Trips Price Expiry (from date of purchase)*
SAVE10  10 trips $299 3 months
SAVE20  20 trips $449  9 months


Toowoomba ↔ Brisbane Express Frequent Traveller Pass

Frequent Traveller Pass Trips Price Expiry (from date of purchase)*


10 trips $189  3 months 
SAVE25 25 trips $439 9 months
SAVE50 50 trips $815 12 months


Frequent Traveller Pass Terms & Conditions

All Murrays Frequent Traveller Passes are subject to the standard terms & conditions.

To purchase a Murrays Frequent Traveller Pass you must join or be a member of the Murrays Loyalty Club.

*Any trips unclaimed by the expiry date will be forfeited.

How do I get a Frequent Traveller Pass?

To purchase a Frequent Traveller Pass you must first register as a Loyalty Club Member. It's free, quick and easy to join. Once you're a member contact us on (61) 13 22 51 or request a pass online and we'll book you in!