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It's all down to detail

A transport plan is essential for the smallest through to the most complex event, a critical element often overlooked. 

Murrays prepare you for the unforeseen and unknown; traffic delays, road works, flight delays, site restrictions for hotels, venues, airports and weather events can significantly impact your transport schedule - we always expect the unexpected.

Effective transport programs rely on efficient scheduling, routing and consideration to pick up and set down locations, the devil is in the detail, and Murrays are with you every step of the way.

  • Expert advice, Murrays work with you to plan, develop and deliver an effective transport plan
  • Site evaluation
  • Comprehensive sites database, plan safe and legal pick up and set down locations in advance, nationwide
  • Meet and greet hospitality services
  • Co-ordination and execution of multi-vehicle movements
  • Safety, risk management, operations and reporting systems
  • Fatigue management, driver and on-time performance systems
  • Real time tracking and monitoring of vehicles - IVMS (m'x telematics)
  • 24/7 support, operations team dedicated to managing and monitoring your transport, quality control over all movements
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