Taking control

Our National Control Centre

Murrays has a sophisticated logistics and operational National Control Centre (NCC) that ensures quality control over all your transport movements, operating 7 days a week. Our logistics division with state-of-the-art technology and a dynamic team of professionals are the heart of Murrays; adaptable, fast and flexible to real-time situations. 

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On-Time Monitoring

Our NCC monitors your coach movements closely on the day of travel for on-time performance. Each driver is required to provide voice, data or GPS on-time status updates, which include:

  • The driver started on time
  • The driver is on route to the pick up location
  • The driver is in position at the pick up location and has arrived on time
  • The driver has met the group at the pick up location
  • The driver has terminated, returned to the depot.

Murrays offer live, real time tracking of all vehicles to customers via our Coach Tracker.



Murrays provides you with full end to end support.

Our National Control Centre (NCC) is your safety net on the day of travel; monitoring and managing your coach movements, and being adaptable, fast and flexible to real-time situations. 

Murrays are one step ahead, communication is key, we ensure you are aware of any potential issues that may affect your transport schedule and work with you to adjust your timings accordingly.

  • Traffic delays
  • Road works
  • Flight delays
  • Weather events
  • Updates from relevant road and transport authorities
  • Operational and booking amendments
  • On-time driver performance 
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