The Challenge

Le Diner en Blanc is an exclusive multi-venue dinner where the location is only given to the diners at the very last minute. Thousands of people simultaneously dine at a number of secret locations around the city, learning to value the public space their city affords them as well as embracing the unexpected.

Over the years Murrays have provided transport solutions for three key venues in Sydney – Bondi Beach, Centennial Park and the Sydney Opera House.

As you can imagine, simultaneously transporting thousands of guests to three locations has its challenges including:

  • Each of the pick-up sites needed to be suitable (time-wise and space-wise) for 5 to 10 vehicles – not to mention the guests who were carrying folding tables and chairs that needed to be loaded onto the vehicles.
  • People needed to be managed at each pick-up site. We’re talking about thousands of people all trying to find their table leaders before boarding coach.
  • In some instances we had to have vehicles waiting elsewhere and then called up to the pick-up point once groups were formed.
  • Arriving at the location required precise planning. In some cases 80 coaches (this is more than a kilometre of coaches!) had to arrive at the secret location in a tight timeframe. Additionally, all passengers had to then account for their tables and chairs whilst disembarking the vehicle. Constant communication between drivers and team leaders was imperative.

The Solution

Our project team began working with organisers early in a pre-planning stage. We vetted the pick-up points to ensure safety and suitability.

On the night our dedicated Control Centre operators monitored the progress of all vehicles thanks to our GPS technology. Updates were then regularly provided to event organisers so they felt assured all was running smoothly.

On the ground we had staff to assist drivers at all pick-up sites. Our staff also helped all the guests find their team leaders and vehicles. At the ‘secret’ locations, we again had a number of ground staff to receive the coaches, assist in maneuvering the large vehicles, and directing guests to the site entrance. 


The Result

Overall, Murrays have provided a seamless transport solution for thousands of diners at different locations.

Over the years, Le Diner en Blanc has approached Murrays to handle the transport for different locations. They are always impressed by our professionalism and customer service, two characteristics that make the transportation for each event worry-free for the organisers.  

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