The 58 Seat Coach is our largest vehicle equipped with all luxury features. Also built for touring - for carrying passengers and luggage in complete comfort, it proves an economical solution for larger groups that need to travel together. It's more than just a luxurious ride. It also employs the latest active safety technology.

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Comfort features

  • 58 reclining leather seats with extra legroom and foot-rests
  • 3 point adjustable seat belts
  • Super-sized climate control for Australian conditions
  • Individual air conditioning vents and reading lights
  • Onboard toilet
  • Airline-style cabin lighting
  • Under-floor luggage storage
  • Tinted glass windows with separate curtains


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Technical specifications

  • Cummins Euro 5 engine 435 HP for low emissions
  • Allison fully automatic 6 speed transmission with retarder
  • Wabco ECAS electronic air suspension (better vehicle stability)
  • Wabco electronic braking and anti lock disc braking system
  • Wabco electronic stability control
  • Meets and exceeds Australian Design Rule laws for compliance

Communication specifications

  • Fleet tracking and real-time positioning of vehicles
  • In vehicle monitoring systems (M’X telematics) that records safety compliance on the road in real time
  • Two-way radio
  • USB ports for every seat*
  • TV/DVD/PA system



*On request only

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