COVID-19: Travel Safe Measures for Group Coach Hire

The health, safety and well-being of our passengers and staff is our number one priority. In line with guidance from transport regulators as well as the Australian Government we have developed a COVID Safe Business Plan to provide the safest possible travel experience.

Before you begin planning, it is important to note that for a group to travel safely, any person feeling unwell or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms including cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue, and shortness of breath should remain at home and not travel.

Everybody in the group should follow social distancing guidelines, including the organisers approved seating plan, good respiratory and hand hygiene practices, as well as provide their contact information to assist in contact tracing efforts, should they be required.

Download our risk assessment & management plan here.

Physical Distancing

Seating Plans for Charter CustomersThe Department of Health continues to encourage everyone to keep at least 1.5 metres apart from others (outside of their family unit) where possible. Safe Work Australia guidance requires the front row behind the driver to remain empty to distance the driver by the recommended 1.5 metres from the rest of the group.

A simple assessment of the risks based on the travel task and the profile of the group will determine the number of people that can travel together in a coach. Consider, who is travelling and how long are they travelling as a starting point. Our team are here to guide you and our interactive seating plans will assist in your planning.

You can access our interactive Seating Plans here


Driver PPE

All drivers are issued with personal protective equipment including, disposable gloves for manual handling, sanitising and cleaning equipment to clean high touch surfaces inside the coach regularly, as well as a small supply of face masks for use by the driver and by any symptomatic passengers. Hand sanitiser is also available on the coach.



Manifest and Seating Allocation

We all understand how important Contact Tracing is to control the spread of COVID- 19. Manifesting and Seat AllocationCustomers will be required to provide a passenger manifest and a seat plan for every booking. Our experienced team members will assist with guidance based on current health advice and we will provide the seat plan and manifest templates (see link under Physical Distancing). The seating plan will be enforced by the organisers Group Contact who will be travelling with the group on the day as well as the Driver.



Fresh Air to circulate through the A/C Filters

The air conditioning in every coach is set to recycle fresh air every few minutes in the coach cabin. Vents are positioned to direct airflow from the ceiling to the floor. It is recommended that frequent "fresh-air" breaks are also provided for in the itinerary, this also allows the driver to complete a high-touch clean at regular intervals in the travel plan.



Temperature Checking

Temperature Checking

All passengers may have their temperature tested prior to boarding.



Cleaning ProceduresEnhanced Cleaning Procedures

We have increased the frequency of coach cleaning, including between passenger groups each day. Cleaning requirements include high touch surfaces such as handrails, seat tops, back and pockets, Sneeze shield (if installed), Modesty panel hand holds, tops of seats, Edge of luggage racks, armrests, seat-belts, windowsills and door handles. Commercial grade cleaning agents are used. We may recommend that travel time onboard the coach be limited and "fresh-air" breaks be provided in your itinerary to allow additional cleaning to occur. 


Hand Sanitiser OnboardHand Sanitiser Onboard

Hand sanitiser is provided onboard the coach for use by passengers.



Onboard SignageOnboard Signage

Onboard signage will remind everyone of their responsibility to keep each other safe.



Sneeze GuardSneeze Shields

These are fitted in a number of our coaches to optimise the exclusion zone between our Driver and the passengers onboard.