Application for use of Central Station Coach Park


Transport for New South Wales "TfNSW" has appointed Murrays Australia Pty Limited "Murrays" to operate the Central Station Coach Bays.

Users of the arrival and departure bays at Central Station are required to re-apply with TfNSW. Lodge your application using the form below if you wish to use the facility after 9 May 2019.

Applications will be sent to TfNSW for approval. Allow up to three days for the processing of your application and to receive your registration approval via email.


  • Should your application be accepted you must provide a Booking Request for each and every use of the bays including arrivals, departures and driver rest break (layover).
  • Bookings for the use for bays must be made in advance and must be paid in advance. Bay usage fees will be invoiced by and payable to Murrays.
  • Acceptance of your Booking Request will depend on the availability of bays at your requested date and time. Railcorp is a major stakeholder and user of the Central Station Coach Bays and in some cases has priority use of some bays in the facility. 
  • Each booking for passenger pickup and departure will entitle you to 30 minutes use of a bay prior to departure time. By example; booked departure time 14:00hrs, bay will available to you from 13:30 - 14:00.
  • You must provide your Booking Request to Murrays via email to
  • A schedule of charges will be provided once your application has been approved.
  • The charges for the use of the bays are set by TfNSW and these charges may change at any time with the provision of formal notice.
  • All terms subject to change at TfNSW discretion.

Queries may be directed to or