Safety First

The safety of our passengers, staff and the general public is always at the core of what we do. Stringent safety procedures are in place at every stage of a journey - planning, preparation, and travel - to ensure that nothing is left to chance. The Murrays Safety Management System, which is audited annually, has identified a number of key risk areas.

Some of these include:


Daily Fit-to-Drive Assessments

Drivers must present as fit and healthy before they can get behind the wheel. Our daily fit-to-drive assessments include a number of tests which ensure the driver:

  • is not showing cold or flu-like symptoms
  • does not have a fever of over 37.6
  • has a blood-alcohol level of 0.00
  • is not fatigued


Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our drivers are required to blow 0.00 every day prior to beginning their shift. In addition, staff are subject to pre-employment checks, as well as random testing conducted by a third party.

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Safe Driving Practices

All of our drivers are well trained in safe and defensive driving techniques. Their performance is also monitored using In-Vehicle-Monitoring-Systems (IVMS), which can detect a driver’s speed, engine revs, acceleration, cornering, and braking.


Planning and Monitoring

Our National Control Centre (NCC) is always available to provide logistical support to both customer and driver. Fully equipped with advanced monitoring technology, the NCC are ready to respond to any situation. This includes traffic delays, road works, flight delays, weather events, booking amendments and updates from transport authorities.


Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

We are continually investing in our fleet to improve safety, comfort and performance. Many of our vehicles are custom built with new technologies for safer driving. The fleet is rigorously serviced and maintained in our in-house workshops, and all vehicles meet or exceed Government safety standards.


Driver Qualifications

As well as being highly skilled, personable and professional, our drivers are required to hold a current Driver Authority, and Work With Children (WWC) checks.

You are in safe hands with Murrays
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