Our logo isn’t the only thing that’s green! 

We care about real climate change action. In recent years, we’ve done a lot to reduce our carbon footprint, on both the road and in our booking/charter offices. We aim to continue going even ‘greener’ wherever we can.

The importance of addressing climate change has become clear. Sustainability is one of Murrays core values and is integral to our business strategy. We recognise this as one of the most significant needs of the community and, in particular, our customers.

Our Green Buses

  • Ongoing investment in modern sustainable technologies such as Biofuel, Euro6 and Electric Vehicles. 

  • Energy conservation & waste reduction in workshops and depots. 

  • Environmentally friendly products for cleaning & maintenance.

Our Eco-Friendly Offices

  • Upgraded equipment to modern, energy saving models that use up to 90% less energy. 

  • Updated electronic equipment recycled or distributed to employees.

  • Offices are fitted with section light systems to conserve electricity. 

Bio Bus

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our biofuel buses, which use renewable energy sources to power our journeys.

These buses significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are part of our broader strategy to create a greener future.

Learn more about our Biofuel Buses.


Electric Vehicle

We are excited to introduce our new electric vehicle fleet, a significant step towards reducing our carbon footprint.

These vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly travel option.

Learn more about our Electric Vehicles.

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